About C.I.I.S.

ciis_logo_300Central Indiana Interpreting Service was formed in the summer of 1997 to provide interpreting referral services to rural and urban areas of central Indiana. We have expanded our service area over time to include all of Indiana as well as out of state requests. Our services have also expanded to include text translation.

Clear communication is a basic need of all people. It serves as a fundamental means of enabling each of us to feel connected to the world around us. It’s main component, language, is the key that unlocks and opens the passageway to understanding and in turn empowers us all. We are committed to providing the interpreting/translating resources that will continue to unlock and open wide the doors of understanding between persons of different cultures. Our goal is to provide reliable interpreting and translating services to various language users such as Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers, and numerous other spoken languages while earning their long term trust and respect. We wish to satisfy our customers by aligning with their needs and at the same time give back to the community whenever possible.

When you make your request, the interpreter coordinator will assist in determining the type of interpreter/translator needed.


We provide professional interpreters/transliterators that are certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf,Inc., the National Association of the Deaf, or qualified as defined by the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Some individuals with a hearing loss may use American Sign Language (ASL) as their preferred mode of communication and require an ASL interpreter, while others may not know ASL fluently and instead use a manual code for English and require a transliterator. Also, there are those who do not know any form of sign language and rely upon lip reading in English, Spanish, or some other spoken language, this is referred to as Oral interpreting. As a general rule, professionals in the field of interpreting/transliterating, are referred to as “interpreters”.

We also provide interpreters in various spoken languages. Certifications will vary depending upon the targeted field of interpretation requested.


We also provide professional translators of spoken languages to the private, public and governmental sectors for most major languages, such as: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Sango, Ukranian, Yakoma, Ukranian, Galician, Chinese, Mandarin and others. Some of the translation services we have provided have been for legal, medical and business forms, brochures and signage. The rate is approximately 13 cents per word, based upon the complexity of the language; this is a considerable savings compared to other translation agencies. We do not use translation software, as we have found this to be lacking in accuracy and quality.

Due to the limited number of qualified interpreters and translators, it is preferable that requests be made two or more weeks in advance via email. Please contact the Interpreter/Translator Coordinator, Robert Frew at:


Email: interpreter@nullciis.us
Cellular: (317) 847-7598

Central Indiana Interpreting Service
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