hands300Prerequisite for Service: Due to the limited availability of qualified interpreters/translators, please give fourteen days advance notice, if possible.

Request for Service: Be prepared to provide dates, times, situation and site of service along with the name of the anticipated consumers and on-site person of contact. If this is for written translation services, please provide a copy of the text you wish to have translated and into what language.

Search and Confirmation: We will seek out available interpreters/translators for service and notify the requestor upon securing services. A price quote for written translations will be offered as well as for intepreting services.

Provision Inability: We will notify the requestor upon failure to secure an interpreter/translator in a timely manner. If needed, we will attempt to secure an interpreter for a rescheduled activity.

Billing: Billing will be sent to the requestor or their representative. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and the government IMPAC card.